Why Choose Find a Mortgage for your Mortgage Needs

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5 Reasons to choose us for your mortgage needs in Donegal

1. We are professional experienced advisors regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.

Find a Mortgage provides impartial information on mortgages in Ireland. We search the market on your behalf to find the lender who will offer the most suitable mortgage facility for your needs and the best rates. We advise you clearly on affordability levels so that you can enjoy your home while not taking on unsustainable debt. Our role is to look after you in making the right decision and manage the process until you move into your new home. We are authorised as a Mortgage Credit Intermediary by The Central Bank of Ireland. Our Business is managed by Pascal Curran, with over 25 years of experience in the financial and Mortgage industry. Pascal is an experienced and qualified advisor and we are driven by looking after your needs and getting you the most suitable service for your needs.

Why Choose findamortgage.ie for Your Mortgage Needs in Donegal

2. We research the market

We research the lenders to get you the most suitable mortgage at the best possible interest rates, looking at short, medium, and long-term offers. The rate of interest you are charged is a critical element of your mortgage. We have invested heavily in technology to improve our research abilities to ensure we help you look beyond introductory and fixed rates so that you can accurately assess the merits of competing products.

3. We research bank lending criteria

We research the lenders’ criteria to see who will grant the mortgage you require or who will lend you the most money if that is your requirement. There is significant variation in lending practices between the mortgage lenders in Ireland. These differences range from varying loan-to-value ratios to wide variations in the absolute amount a lender will lend, due to the use of a range of different formulae in calculating how much you can borrow. The lenders we work with are all household names each has its own criteria for assessing a mortgage. Some lenders have preferences for particular categories of applicants. For example, one bank might prefer high-income single applicants whereas others have a preference for family mortgages with perhaps lower borrowing levels. Some lenders will consolidate certain types of debts on a re-mortgage whereas others have no appetite for debt consolidation. As a result, mortgage approval levels and conditions vary according to your circumstances between the banks. Approvals may vary across the following areas:

  • The level of funds banks will be prepared to lend you.
  • The conditions attached to a mortgage
  • The interest rates they will charge on their mortgages
  • The long-term rates applicable to the mortgage product at the end of a fixed rate period

4. We look after everything from start to finish.

We analyse the options available, with the objective being to provide a mortgage facility that meets your long-term requirements. Our services include.

  • Meeting you at a convenient time.
  • Advising on the range of mortgage providers
  • Advising on the range of rate options
  • Advising on borrowing limits
  • Preparation of a detailed recommendation for lenders
  • Provision of all appropriate documentation to support the recommendation
  • Managing the administration process associated with mortgage approvals and Loan offers
  • Advising on appropriate life cover/mortgage protection
  • Advising on house insurance options
  • Discussions with your solicitor
  • Arranging the closure of your mortgage
  • We do charge fees for our mortgage services and are happy to discuss these with you.

5. We only deal with strong reputable financial institutions offering the best products.

We are authorised & regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Mortgage & Credit intermediary.
Through our partner Broker Assist we deal with Ireland’s lenders

We are also authorised intermediaries to provide mortgage protection and life insurance with the following life companies

  • Irish Life
  • New Ireland
  • Royal London
  • Zurich
  • Aviva

Recommendation on Application for Mortgage

The best recommendation is by far to get guidance from a source not connected to the lenders. The ideal person to provide this advice is a financial broker/mortgage broker (like us). Many people talk themselves out of a mortgage by contacting lenders directly without first seeking guidance.

I advise you to consult with me before making any mortgage financial choices since the material above is provided for informational purposes only and in no way represents financial advice. I advise using a comprehensive strategy when making financial plans, and I can assist you in implementing your ideas.

Make Sure to Find a Mortgage Broker Donegal Advice

When looking for a Mortgage in Letterkenny, Donegal, and Ireland, engaging a mortgage broker might provide a number of advantages and valuable benefits. Some benefits of hiring Brokers and Advisors are: offering access to a wide range of lenders, helping you save time and effort, providing expertise and knowledge, negotiating power, and personalised service.

Make an appointment with a Pascal as you seek to find a mortgage in Donegal. Speaking with us right now. We are available to assist you with your concerns and worries. Ask us questions about mortgages. We cover first-time buyers’ mortgages, remortgage or switcher mortgages, self-build mortgages, investor or property mortgages, and more. Contact findamortgage.ie in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, or by phone at 074 91 03938.

The Central Bank of Ireland regulates Mortgage Brokers & Intermediaries in the country.

Warning: If you do not keep up your Mortgage repayments you may lose your house.

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