Initial Mortgage Discovery Meeting

Initial Discovery Meeting, what we offer you.

Our Mortgage Service…

  • If you have a couple of general questions and just what to have a quick chat, book a 10-minute free consultation with our advisors.

  • If you want a more in-depth meeting, where we can take you through a full mortgage assessment you would need to schedule an Initial Discovery Meeting.

Your personal mortgage advisor from Find A Mortgage can add significant value to your financial situation. Our mortgage service encompasses much more than form-filling!
Our extensive knowledge, market comparison technology, and established relationships with Letterkenny, Donegal & Ireland’s mortgage lenders mean you are in the best hands…

For a full discussion on all your mortgage options and full mortgage advice you should schedule an initial discovery meeting.

If you just have a couple of initial questions you can schedule a 10 minute chat, we do not charge a free for this 10 minute conversion.

What we offer you…..

Initial Discovery Meeting

  • To learn about you, your requirements, and your Mortgage and Financial needs
  • To clearly explain the mortgage criteria applicable to you
  • To reassure you by a breakdown of any confusing jargon

Initial Research

Market analysis of the mortgage products available to you and to identify a shortlist of potential mortgage providers based on your priorities.

We look at……

  • Interest Rates
  • Your Borrowing Amount
  • The Cash Back Offers available
  • The Process, what is it and how long does it take
  • Discuss Any Challenges we see with our paperwork
  • Total Costs, stamp duty, solicitor etc
  • Help to Buy Scheme
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